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The Greek company of frames and mouldings “Xylotechniki” founded in Larissa in 1970 according to the standards of a traditional family business. Firstly, the production was based on the manufacture of wooden round, oval and ready made frames with most of the production process to be hand-made. The commercial success led us in over a decade into the creation of a privately-owned factory and in the machinery acquisition, aiming to an increasing production capacity and better service for our customers. In the following years, Xylotechniki is established in the field of wholesale wooden frames, by selling our products in many cities and other domestic areas of Greece.

A milestone in Xylotechniki's development was the modernization of the company in the five-year period 1995-2000, by modernizing the manufacturing process by purchasing a production line for frames and mouldings, in rods. The combination of perennial experience in the handmade frame and the purchase of specialized cutting machines, gave a new impetus to the company that dynamically enters in the production of wooden frames in rods, offering to our partners a great variety and furthermore high, stable quality and prompt service.

In the decade of 2000, the family business will continue to modernize with more machinery, while also attach importance to the artistic frame by using and evolving special techniques such as patina and various hand finishes. This is the time when exports to Cyprus begin and efforts are being made for exports to other European and Balkan countries.

Now that the management of the company has already passed to the third generation since its inception in 1970, without missing the support and valuable help of the older ones, starts a new trip with the production of carved wooden frames with handmade gilding finishes in gold and silver leaves. These new additions in our catalog, which already includes 400 different codes, are high-quality frames, and are available in our warehouses.


Almost half a century we produce and destribute wooden frames, manufactured with the best materials and with respect to the enviroment.

Our frames are produced in Greece and in European Union.

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