quality matboards for frames and art

Matboards Sheets

Matboard sheets have a dimension of 81.5 x 112.5 cm and a thickness of 1125 micron and are the Colormount Cream Core series. You can buy them individually or in 10-color packs per color.

Custom cut

You can buy ready-made matboards in the dimensions you want and in any color that suits your photos or posters. We can also create special designs according to your preferences.

Paper frames

We produce frames and decorations from passepartout and quality papers. These frames are trendy decorative suggestions for fast photo presentation or flyer.

Photography exhibitions

In packs of 25 pieces of the same color and dimension. We offer the best way for a photographer that wants to exhibit his/her art without wooden frames. 

Best Price

Packs of 25 custom cut quality matboards of the same dimension in mixed colors. These packs have the best price but you can't choose the colors. 

Color card



Almost half a century we produce and destribute wooden frames, manufactured with the best materials and with respect to the enviroment.

Our frames are produced in Greece and in European Union.

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