Frames in rods and custom framing

Ξυλοτεχνική Κορνίζες με το μέτρο

Frames in rods

We produce and keep available in stock a wide range of mouldings. Lengths vary from 2.50 to 3.00 meters depending on the wood type and profile. Frames in rods are the raw material for professional framers that have the necessary machinery to cut and join a wooden frame. While the cost of creating a workshop, there are two major benefits buying rods. First the big difference in price and second the fast service to the final consumer. A major role in increasing profits is the correct management of the remains and the reduce of the waste to a minimum.

Ξυλοτεχνική κορνίζες σε ακάρφωτα τελάρα

Chop service

You can order any profile in the dimensions you need and we ll cut the frame for you. What you ll receive is the for sides of the frame ready to be joint. The advantage is that you don’t have to keep in stock a huge variety of profiles in rods but only those that are fast moving, without significantly increasing the purchase cost. Also the chop service can be a help for your workshop in high traffic months so you can have more time to serve your customers. 

Ξυλοτεχνική κορνίζες σε τελάρα

Assembled frames

We cut and join the frames in the dimensions you want. Ordering assembled frames mean that you don’t have to buy any of the heavy machines that a framers workshop needs. The price may be higher than the previous two options but time required by you to create the frame is noticeably reduced. This is very important since the management of a frame shop is done by one person. In order for you to complete the frame only a small workshop is required with the necessary framing supplies.
Ξυλοτεχνική κορνίζες κατά παραγγελία

Ready made custom frames

We have the ability to supply you with complete frames ready to place the art, photograph or anything your customer want to frame.

A ready made custom frame includes the following parts:
1. Frame assembled.
2. Matboard of the Colourmount brand.
3. Glass
4. MDF or Grey board (used for back behind the subject)
5. Supporting systems (Delta, D-ring, Sawtooth hangers).

Who maybe interested in ready made custom frames?
Framers that want to offer a cheaper product by taking advantage of mass production. Shop owners and professionals who want to include frames in their range of products and offer more choices to their clientele. We know that every sale is important, expanding the range of products you have for sale contributes to the sustainability of your business and the same time you attract more buyers and increase your profits


Almost half a century we produce and destribute wooden frames, manufactured with the best materials and with respect to the enviroment.

Our frames are produced in Greece and in European Union.

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